About LifeLine 

Who We Are

We are students, project managers, nurses, bankers, teachers, retired folk and in-between job folk.  
We are a pretty diverse bunch, but crucially - we are a group  of people whose lives have been transformed through knowing God. 

We emphasize putting beliefs into action, because this is what Jesus taught. The practical outworking of belief, rather than theory alone, is a real challenge! But we help each other and by living as God intended, we see the Church having an impact and making a difference all around us. 

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Celebrating Thankfulness

The Source is our prophetc declaration. For the past 2 weeks we have been sharing and celebrating what God has done for us. Below is a script of The Source with these thankfulness testimonies linked into the text. Why not explore it and listen to these great workings out of God's heart.


The Source

Soul Survivor
Various, 02/09/2018
Gabrielle Caldeira
Gabrielle Caldeira, 02/09/2018
Bec Seaton
Bec Seaton, 02/09/2018
Victoria Morgan - God at Work
Victoria Morgan, 27/05/2018
Mireille Large
Mireille Large, 20/05/2018
Bec Coles - Praying for Healing
Bec Coles, 20/05/2018
Naomi Cranmer
Naomi Cranmer, 20/05/2018
Colby - Miraculous Healing
Colby, 29/04/2018
Ann Garrard - Protection and Favour
Ann Garrard, 15/04/2018
Jenna Ward - Answered Prayer
Jenna Ward, 15/04/2018
Jess - Testimony
Jess Stephenson, 25/03/2018
David Farrugia - Harvest Testimony
David Farrugia, 25/03/2018
Tanya Farrugia Testimony
Tanya Farrugia, 04/03/2018
Jamie McKernan - God's Provision
Jamie McKernan, 25/02/2018
Lucy November - Sierra Leone Testimony
Lucy November, 04/02/2018
Bec Coles - Birthday Party Testimony
Bec Coles, 14/01/2018

We live from a different source. It starts with God - His power to save, His word to us and His grace to live by.

A supply that restores our hearts, renews our minds and  re-establishes our relationship with Him and with others. This living water nourishes us, helps us stand for what is right and brings positive change wherever we tread.

It thrives on a radical lifestyle that is constantly moving forward, a daring journey of giving, of breaking-through, of demonstrating obedience and always - with a thankful heart.

It has the hallmarks of love, serving and peace. To know wholeness. To experience fulfilment. And to overflow with stuff that is beyond us - it just bubbles up and seeps out.

It's a wholehearted submission that frees us from ourselves, ushering in God's creative rule and resolution, right here, right now.

It doesn't seek fame or fortune, it may be scoffed at and knocked back, but it cannot be ignored.

It is outrageous in its concern for others, ridiculous in its hope and extreme in its expectation of miracles.

This is the purpose of God. This counter-cultural, life-affirming, world-changing energy unleashed in a people that have a covenant to see it through!

WE ARE.... the people of LifeLine Church.