About LifeLine 

3 Key Operating Principles

To Love 

1 John 4:19 It’s amazing! We can actually know the love of the living God  -  it’s real and tangible.   As we experience God’s love, we will love one another (John 13: 34, 35).  It’s outlandish to contemplate the radical nature of the love described in 1 Corinthians 13, yet we can really can love in this way, through the enabling power of the Holy Spirit.    Loving people with God’s love will always be real and will always be choosing to put the needs of others above our own, letting people really matter to us. 

To Serve

Serving is love in action!   John 13 shows us that Jesus, instead of using His position and authority to demand that one of the disciples wash His feet before the last supper, He became a servant to them and washed their feet.  In the same way, we choose to use our gifts, talents, time and money to serve those around us.    

To Bring Peace

John 14:27  God has called us to live a radical life both in our individual spheres and as a corporate body by challenging prevailing systems and bringing peace through the love and power of God which enables people to flourish and know wholeness in every area of life.   

The outworking of this vision……..

Over the years, our key operating principles and basis of faith have led us to place particular focus on the importance of; 

  • Preparing couples before they marry so that their future together is built on strong foundations of love and grace,
  • Equipping parents so they have a strong understanding of how God wants them to raise their children, 
  • Practising hospitality and generosity to ensure no one is lonely,
  • Equipping leaders to serve in practical and real ways to enable people to grow and develop in their relationship with God,
  • Investing in our children and young people to be Kingdom people,
  • Developing innovative Kingdom business and organisations which bring prosperity in our communities,
  • Invading and influencing the institutions of business, education and social care
  • Engaging in real ways with the nation, bringing God for His wisdom and word through the doors He opens,
  • Initiate and develop new expressions of accurate powerful churches,
  • Being a global church in relationship with leaders across the world so that together we will impact nations.