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Home (download)
David Simmons, 15/04/2018
Equipped with God's Armour (download)
Jeremy Simmons, 08/04/2018
The Resurrection Means the Death of Rejection (download)
John Singleton, 01/04/2018
Expect the Unexpected (download)
Neil Jaques, 25/03/2018
The Battle for the Soul (download)
Daniel Singleton, 18/03/2018
When I Survey (download)
Mark Baiden, 11/03/2018
Defeated by Fear? (download)
Richard Griffin, 04/03/2018
The Growing Seed (download)
Neil Jaques, 25/02/2018
Harvest: Being Responsive (download)
John Singleton, 18/02/2018
Harvest: Sowing our Seed (download)
John Singleton, 11/02/2018
Ready for Battle? (download)
Sally Dixon, 04/02/2018
Intimacy with God (download)
Mike Stevens, 28/01/2018
Living in the Present Tense (download)
Jeremy Simmons, 14/01/2018
Spirit of Adventure: The Harvest III (download)
John Singleton, 10/12/2017
Spirit of Adventure: The Harvest II (download)
John Singleton, 03/12/2017
Spirit of Adventure: The Harvest (download)
John Singleton, 26/11/2017
Audacity (Youth Sunday) (download)
Various, 19/11/2017
Going Deeper into Love (download)
Neil Jaques, 12/11/2017
God's Heart for Children (download)
Alan Wright, 05/11/2017
Sightedness (download)
Mark Baiden, 29/10/2017
Softening of Heart III (download)
John Singleton, 22/10/2017
Pour out Your Heart (download)
Mark McGrath, 15/10/2017
Carrying the Wounded (download)
Jamie Singleton, 08/10/2017
Removing Labels (download)
Mark Baiden, 01/10/2017
The Softening of Heart II (download)
John Singleton, 24/09/2017