Set free from a 60 year fear!

When I was about 10, I nearly drowned. It left me so scared I didn’t want to go anywhere near water. I never asked for help with my fear – I just didn’t want to know.

My fear was so bad that when my daughter got baptised, I couldn’t even watch. It was like carrying around a bag of worries that paralysed me.

In June (2014) my husband and I celebrated our ruby wedding anniversary with a family holiday in France. The place we were staying in had a pool. I didn’t think I’d be going near it but I did pack some shorts. Before we went, I found myself praying, “God, I want to be different. Make me willing to change.”

I couldn’t believe what I’d said.

On the second day, I was watching everyone in the pool and thought, “I can do this…”

A friend held my hand and led me in. I was terrified but I thought, “I’m going to do this.”

Eventually I let go and swam across! I’m now having swimming lessons.

God set me free from a 60-year fear. It’s never too late for God to change things.

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