Tumours vanish!

This testimony is from one of our young people who is living away at university:

“I recently had an opportunity to pray for a young woman who had previously had a malignant tumour, and at a recent check-up had been told she had another tumour. She was scared that this tumour may also be malignant, and need to be removed.

I prayed that her fear would be removed and that when she went back for her check-up the tumour wouldn’t be there at all & that she would be able to testify to God’s healing power

A scan was done and the woman was completely confused by what she saw, she explained that there was now NO tumour there. She could see absolutely nothing, whereas before it had walls etc, it had vanished.

Praise God that he is so mighty…we partner with God and tumours are cast out!!

Please continue to pray for all our young people, at school and university, that they will have great courage, boldness and faith, demonstrating the love and power of our Great God!