More about us

We are characterised as a church that chooses not to settle. We see the Church as a force for good, set on constantly moving forward in God (Psalm 84:5).

Our interest goes way beyond the meeting of our own needs. We look far beyond our present borders and recognise no ethnic, racial, national or territorial limits.

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What we believe

We love, we serve and we bring peace in the places we live and work.

We believe that God is in charge and that it is possible to personally know Him. More than that, we believe that, following submission to God’s rule, He will equip us to live differently – with hope and with power. And it doesn’t stop there. We believe that we can partner with God to make a radical difference in the world. All this takes place in the context of a local church community which is God’s primary vehicle for demonstrating His love and purposes.

You can join one of our groups specifically for those wanting to learn more of God’s way and our response to Him.

We subscribe to the Evangelical Alliance’s basis of faith.

Sunday services

We meet every Sunday at Mayfield School in Dagenham.

You can expect about 90 minutes of worship, teaching and envisioning reports. Children leave for an hour of specific input in five different age group. You can request people to pray for you at the end of the meeting. Its quite informal. Do stay around for a coffee and a chat.


We have assembled a considerable back-catalogue of Bible teaching, not just from Sunday mornings, but also embedded in the many courses and trainings that we offer. Consider our challenging series looking at Hot Topics in society and also John Singleton’s recent teaching on Finance and Handling Conflict. 

Children and young people

We do a lot for, and with our children.  We want them to have a personal relationship with Jesus; hearing from God, learning from Him, responding to Him, and serving Him.  We prepare them to take a vital role within their generation – a force prepared, equipped and resourced to reach their peers in a way only they can.

We don’t run youth clubs. We don’t hire youth workers. We don’t sit at the back on a Sunday. We raise God-connected young people who will stand firm in their own faith. Impassioned young people are mentored to look out and lead those who are younger. They are a fantastic bunch.


We don’t leave everything to a few people. We all learn to lead in one aspect or another. In all areas of church life someone will be responsible – so that is quite a large group of leaders.

We also have a Core Team who meet regularly to pray and have senior oversight of the church.

In the community

We believe passionately in making a difference in the places we live and work. For many, this is Dagenham and Redbridge. This takes many forms, but flows from a conviction that we are to be salt and light. In addition to the activities of the church,  we birthed separate charities to incubate and extend our reach locally. We have a school, a coffee house, a community centre, and much more.

Small home groups

Small groups have always been central to the sharing of life and developing of faith. We expect everyone to find a point of connection. It’s also a great way to get to know people if you are new in the area. We call them our Development Groups.


Praying together is an essential part of our church life. As well as praying in weekly home groups, Sunday morning gatherings, and with friends, we also have focused times of prayer each week, each month, and with intercessory prayer groups.

Contact us

We are a relational church and would love to get to know you! The easiest way to meet us is by coming to one of our Connecting_Places: The Corner Coffee House, The Hub or simply come to one of our Sunday meetings at Mayfield School!

If you’d like to introduce yourself beforehand, or want to tell us something in particular, then please send us a message using this form. Someone will be in touch with you by email, or if you prefer, by phone.