Conversation Clusters

God’s word to us over the past few weeks has been rich. It can be distilled into this one sentence:

We’re called to love God, love one other and live as if we do.

But this simple sentence contains a richness that we don’t want to miss out on!

So, between now and Christmas we’re going to take time in smaller groups to chew this through and come before God to see how His word applies.

Using this paper called ‘Horse before the cart’, find a few friends and along with the questions below, have a conversation together. Chew it through. What does it mean for you, for us and for our corporate vision? The size of the group doesn’t matter: we suggest no more than 12 people in total, but it could just be two or three of you walking and talking!

You can meet as many times as you like – could just be once, or you may decide to meet multiple times.

Let us know what you’re doing by emailing Naomi, so we can make sure everyone has a group of people they can chew this through with.

If you’d like to join a group who are already established, these people have spaces:

Kim Blyth & The Newmans

Andrew & Julia Tizzard

Clare McKernan