Our community

We are characterised as a church that chooses not to settle. We see the Church as a force for good, set on constantly moving forward in God (Psalm 84:5).Our interest goes way beyond the meeting of our own needs. We look far beyond our present borders and recognise no ethnic, racial, national or territorial limits.

Children and young people

We raise God-connected young people who will stand firm in their own faith. We recognise the vital role of parents (and run regular parenting courses) and our children’s and youth ministries support families as they raise their children for a life of faith. Children and young people are a priority.

Building friendships

One of our core values is biblical friendship: loving one another. Friendships flourish as we share life and develop our faith together. We help everyone to find points of connection, mutual support and encouragement. Belonging is built through an organic network of relationships.

Blogs and testimonies

We love to hear and share news of God at work in our lives so we can give Him thanks! Read and watch stories of the ordinary people of our church community, journeying together, and discovering an extraordinary God.

Projects in the community

God has given us faith and vision to birth a number of projects locally, nationally and internationally. Some are just for a short period, others are now well established. Find out more by clicking the tabs at the very bottom of the page.


In addition to our network of friendships and Sundays, discover friends and activities at our Community Hub and in our Digital Village.

Our Teachings

We have produced a considerable range of bible-based material, both for personal use and for larger groups. Come and take a look at what’s on offer.


Praying together is an essential part of our church life. As well as praying with friends, Sunday morning gatherings and weekly governmental prayer, we also have an intercessory group, focussed ‘battle groups’, and a monthly gathering to hear God and declare His word together.


We have launched a number of resources that may be useful to other churches. These include books, a useful mental health guide for churches and a number of creative courses; click below and feel free to make use of these tools. We love to connect with others, so do get in touch if we can help further, email [email protected].

Contact us

Building relationship is one of our core values and we’d love to get to know you! 

If you’d like to introduce yourself or want to tell us something in particular, then send us a message here. Someone will be in touch with you by email, or if you prefer, by phone.