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Responding to the complicated issues of our day from a life-giving biblical basis.

There are many emotive and divisive issues within our society. How do we make sure we don’t just add to the noise but are salt and light? How do we make sure we aren’t tossed about by the waves of opinions, fads and fears? In a world of news saturated with strong political and often hidden agendas, how do we give space for the wisdom and love of God to direct us?

The Hot Topic series seeks to empower our people by providing a calm environment where the various arguments can be explored and considered. We look to process all issues through the ultimate truth filter of the Bible and ask ourselves ‘What pleases Him?’

Topic OneDon't believe everything you hear

How to discern the messages of the media

Like it or not we are dependent on the media to act as a go between, bringing issues to our attention. We rely on the industry to break down complicated issues so we can respond. But the media has its own agenda and influential forces. If we accept that we don’t have a completely objective opinion, how do we weigh what they say? How do we spot the lies and the bias?

We are called to be perceptive people. God promises to give us insight. The biggest challenge is for us not to swallow everything we hear before asking God to show us what He sees and how we please Him.

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