Selah: Hope

Selah: Hope

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope —Romans 15:13

Hope is a word we often throw around unsparingly. We hold great hope for a holiday abroad, or that our favourite football team will win the championship. It’s no surprise that the power of hope has been diluted to simply mean the belief that something we want can be had. We believe that hope means so much more than this.

So, what does hope mean? In this first artbook of a series called Selah, you will see the the idea of hope being a living thing, full of promise, explored through artist’s eyes in the pieces Emergent and Lifecycle. Along with this idea, The Journey, The Harvest, and The Blessing illustrate hope as making the impossible possible.

Our artists have discovered hope as something unseen; none more so than in I See Hope and the untitled piece towards the end of the book.

In River, hope flows from God, through us, to others. The poem You Don’t Leave Me Alone retells the story of hope, which is found in the One who never gives up on us. Almost in direct opposition to the dictionary definition, Hopeful Surrender explains hope as something we do in surrender. Not in pursuit of our wants and desires, but placing them in His hands instead.

As you enjoy these pieces of art, we invite you to take time to pause and reflect on what hope means to you. How has your life been changed by the Giver of Hope? If this hope is something you do not yet know, we believe that as you look through these pages you can meet the One who has given us hope, who will never give up on you, and who invites you to know Him more.