Who we are

Everyone has a part to play. We don’t leave everything to a few people. In all areas of church life, many people serve and someone will be responsible for that area.

We also have a Core Leadership Team who meet regularly to pray and have oversight of the church.

John and Dawn Singleton

John Singleton founded LifeLine Church in the mid-1970s. John’s passion is to see the church demonstrate God’s love in real and practical ways, believing God has called us to make a difference in all we do. His revelation of a relationally-based church has led us to genuinely care about each other and those around us, empowered by the Holy Spirit to have an impact on our family, community and nation. Through his leadership, new expressions of the church have evolved, including LifeLine Network, LifeLine Projects, and Community Resources.

John’s wife, Dawn, works closely with him and is involved in all aspects of the ministry.

Our Core Leadership Team

Mark Baiden

Mark is a well-connected business owner (IT services). He has particular responsibility for the worship within the church.

Jamie Singleton

Jamie’s pastoral heart is reflected in his oversight for the youth ministry, support for our overseas partners through LifeLine Network International and help in the creative content of our teaching.

Avril McIntyre MBE

Avril is a catalyst for social change and serves in a number of civic roles. She leads volunteer-driving initiatives to strengthen community. Avril has been at the forefront of many of the church’s endeavours locally.

Neil Jaques

Neil is a well-loved physics teacher and father of three. Neil is a Home Group leader and also serves in the coordination and leading of a team of prayer intercessors.

Nathan Singleton

Nathan is the Chief Executive of LifeLine Projects, a sister charity of the church whose work over nearly 20 years has delivered over £55 million for the residents of East London. He is especially focused on mentoring and reaching young people.

Recent Testimonies

Testimonies from 2019

Here’s a summary of some of the testimonies we’ve heard this year at LifeLine Church – just the tip of the iceberg of what’s been happening amongst us. We are thankful to God for his goodness, his faithfulness, and his enduring love towards us both in the good circumstances, and crucially despite the difficult ones! “Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus”. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 Housing & Accommodation This year several people testified to God’s provision around housing – Chris & Hilary, Miro & Mara, Kudzai, and Matt and Rachel all shared how they have found homes locally that enable them to live close to the church community, despite financial or practical difficulties. Matt & Rachel overcame visa and accommodation hurdles and are now living in their new flat & looking forward to the birth of their first child! After years of struggling to see how purchasing a family home could ever be achieved, Kudzai testified to us about a conversation with a faithful friend who encouraged her to ask God if he had something for her beyond what she expected. After being warned her wait may be up to […]

He Delights in Me – Sally’s testimony

I’d been really quite low for some time, not sensing God’s presence, and becoming very focused on my problems rather than God. I recently realised that I was beginning to lack hope. (‘My feet had almost stumbled; my steps had nearly slipped …’) (Psalm 73:2) John spoke on a Sunday morning about Practicing the Presence, and it very much resonated with me. My response was, ‘I really need you to do something in me Lord – things can’t stay like this.’ The next day I went to my Development group – fairly reluctantly with not much expectation. Richard, who leads our group, helped us revisit John’s talk then asked us to ‘chat and catch’ with God. First we had to tell God what was on our minds/what we were worried about etc. I told God all about how stressful and difficult I was finding life – and especially about a situation my husband Grant and I had tried to fix without really asking God what he thought. I didn’t really expect to hear God say anything much to be honest – why would he bother when I hadn’t really involved him when it mattered? But then, during the ‘catching’ bit, […]

Battling Anxious Thoughts – Lotty’s testimony

Before Christmas I was really struggling not to think about a particular situation.  I was trying to ‘take thoughts captive’ but kept finding myself mid-train of thought, worrying about it.  I felt quite overwhelmed and hopeless.  There was a sense of condemnation that I couldn’t take the thoughts captive, even using tools I’d used before.  I knew the truth, but it felt like the worries would never go.  It was taking my attention and exhausting me. I went up for prayer on a Sunday, and one thing someone said to me gave me hope – that I would really know what ‘taking thoughts captive’ means in a new way. The thoughts didn’t stop.  But one day I was walking to school to pick up the kids and God told me “I completely approve of you”.  I instantly felt lighter, and felt my face fill with a smile.  The thoughts were still there but it was like they had been put in their place – they weren’t at the top of my mind, they were at the bottom of the pile because something far more important was in their place – an awareness of God’s presence and his approval.  It meant […]

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