Who we are

Everyone has a part to play. We don’t leave everything to a few people. In all areas of church life, many people serve and someone will be responsible for that area.

We also have a Core Leadership Team who meet regularly to pray and have oversight of the church.

John and Dawn Singleton

John Singleton founded LifeLine Church in the mid-1970s. John’s passion is to see the church demonstrate God’s love in real and practical ways, believing God has called us to make a difference in all we do. His revelation of a relationally-based church has led us to genuinely care about each other and those around us, empowered by the Holy Spirit to have an impact on our family, community and nation. Through his leadership, new expressions of the church have evolved, including LifeLine Network, LifeLine Projects, and Community Resources.

John’s wife, Dawn, works closely with him and is involved in all aspects of the ministry.

Our Core Leadership Team

Mark Baiden

Mark is a well-connected business owner (IT services). He has particular responsibility for the worship within the church.

Jamie Singleton

Jamie’s pastoral heart is reflected in his oversight for the youth ministry, support for our overseas partners through LifeLine Network International and help in the creative content of our teaching.

Avril McIntyre MBE

Avril is a catalyst for social change and serves in a number of civic roles. She leads volunteer-driving initiatives to strengthen community. Avril has been at the forefront of many of the church’s endeavours locally.

Neil Jaques

Neil is a well-loved physics teacher and father of three. Neil is a Home Group leader and also serves in the coordination and leading of a team of prayer intercessors.

Nathan Singleton

Nathan is the Chief Executive of LifeLine Projects, a sister charity of the church whose work over nearly 20 years has delivered over £55 million for the residents of East London. He is especially focused on mentoring and reaching young people.

Recent Testimonies

People matter you see

‘I can’t bother him again!’ The words of my 81-year-old friend who lives just around the corner. ‘He’s got a family and it’s time for him to get into the Sunday zoom meeting too! It’s my stupid fingers – they won’t work!’ It was the beginning of April, a few weeks into the Coronavirus lockdown, and a tech team of skilled volunteers had worked hard to re-purpose computers to enable our older members to connect into Sunday meetings online. They’d found un-used tablets in cupboards, revived old laptops, uploaded zoom, delivered around the neighbourhood – all while trying to adjust to doing their full-time day jobs online. They were tired to say the least! Yet that Sunday morning, when my friend phoned me to say she couldn’t ‘make the tablet come alive’ I knew just the person to call. A member of our tech team lived just up the road – ‘I know how hard you’ve worked’ I said, ‘and I know it’s probably just a simple thing that needs to happen, but she can’t get online…’ ‘Leave it with me’, he said. Minutes later he called me back – ‘All fixed! The buttons on the tablet are tiny, they […]

Tanya’s Story: Overcoming rejection

Do you feel rejected? Do you feel lost and restless, like you don’t really belong? Have you tried all kinds of things to fill the gap? Have you tried to find your identity in what you do or what other people think of you, only to feel more empty? Have you made bad decisions in life? I asked God recently: “How can I encourage people during lockdown when I have to stay home?” God prompted me to write and share my testimony, particularly how I came to meet Jesus when I was in a dark place. I believe God wants to speak to anyone who is feeling lost and without hope for the future. Jesus can meet you right where you are. And you will never be the same again. The adventure begins when you say yes to Him. Here is my story: “I grew up mostly in the West country, the oldest of three children. My Mum was 18 and had just moved from Canada when she married my Dad, who was 10 years older. They were both very different – Dad was gentle, quiet and calm, more in the background and Mum was energetic and exuberant but up […]

Kim hears God & experiences healing

After three days of being unable to breathe well, I asked for prayer, and God healed me. I have only recently recovered from a viral infection, but got a second, bacterial chest infection on the back of it as my immune system was so low. For two or three nights I had barely slept at all. I needed to use an inhaler constantly throughout the night, and do breathing exercises to catch my breath. God helped me at certain times to know what medicine to take, and when. I was on the prescribed treatment, but not feeling better at all and really struggling to breathe. It was pretty scary, and seemed much worse at night. I knew I should ask for prayer, but found it a big struggle to reach out, for a mixture of reasons – lies that discourage me from asking for help or tempted me to think I am unloved, alone, etc. I decided to ‘not lean on my own understanding’ (Proverbs 3:5-6), so I let my development group, some friends and a couple of prayer groups know. My development group immediately arranged a Zoom. Others texted that they and their groups were praying too. That night […]

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