We’re well aware of the issues and needs that are unique to faith-based organisations, having worked with organisations of all shapes and sizes across England through our national network of faith-based organisations, FaithAction. We’ve also seen that most of the guidance and training fails to address them.

Our workshops are designed for smaller organisations who work hard to make a difference to their communities, despite being faced with few resources and limited staff.

Many of the skills that we cover are completely transferable as well – planning is not just for projects and good communication is not just for presentations.

It’s not uncommon for organisations of any size – large or small – to want to run an event at some point. Whether it’s small local events like a community gathering, or a larger national affairs like a conference, the key to making your event a success is being able to keep a lot of plates spinning at once.

This workshop aims to equip you with the basic administration skills to plan and run any event from start to finish, including planning and delegating, identifying risks and issues, marketing your event, managing things on the day, and how to follow-up afterwards.

We sometimes see claims that voluntary and community organisations can be poorly managed or unprofessional – we don’t think that’s true, but we know there’s only so much you can do when money’s tight.

This workshop focuses on simple procedures that can be implemented by smaller organisations to ensure that they work cleanly and efficiently, without being buried in a mountain of red tape. We’ll look at what a “project” is, what a project manager should (and shouldn’t) be doing, and how to support a project from implementation through delivery and into closing.

You’ve probably had to sit through a bad presentation before – where the presenter is unable to communicate anything further than the bullet points you’ve already read from the screen. Unfortunately, all the knowledge in the world means little if you’re unable to communicate to other people effectively.

This workshop aims to make you into a better communicator (and not another Powerpoint wizard). We’ll cover how to prepare your presentation and tailor it for your audience, how you can use software like Powerpoint to actually enhance your message, how to communicate effectively to an audience, and how to encourage discussion and feedback afterwards.

Are you interested in securing grants for your organisation? Or have you tried applying before and failed? We know how frustrating it can be spending untold hours working on a bid only to be quickly rejected.

This workshop aims to give you the best chance of success with your grant applications, whether it’s your first time or your fiftieth. Drawing on FaithAction’s knowledge of both securing funding and giving out grants themselves, we’ll look at the types of funding available and how to choose, the preparation needed beforehand,  common mistakes to avoid, and how to support your application with comprehensive planning.

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