Andrew – what being part of Church means to me

Andrew sitting on the sofa reading a bible

Andrew grew up in LifeLine Church, and lives in Seven Kings with his parents and sister. He has an autistic condition and is on the higher functioning end of the spectrum. He also has an encyclopaedic knowledge of London Transport – if you ever need to know how to get somewhere, he’s the man to ask!

I spoke to Andrew about his experience of Church, and what he’s looking forward to God doing in future.

“I enjoy being part of Church, especially the friendships I’ve made and the chance to serve. I’m part of the set up team and have been for 11 years! I did find it difficult when we couldn’t come together during the lockdown, but I think the government made the right decision to stop people meeting in big groups.

Now that the restrictions have eased, I’m happy that I can help with the set up team again, and I’m looking forward to the new building. One of the things I’m excited about is that we’ll be able to store things there which will make set up easier.”