Gardening this Christmas anyone?

(personal thoughts on sharing our faith this Christmas…) As we enter the month of December and as Christmas quickly approaches, traditionally we might have started to think (or be encouraged to think) about whom we might invite to our church Christmas meetings. Maybe for the first time, they might come and see and hear the […]

Keeping the Adventure Fresh

I did my first extreme ride at Thorpe Park aged fifty-eight, and first canoed along rivers in the South of France in my early fifties. One of the pitfalls of being part of LifeLine (or any church!) for over forty years is to lose that sense of adventure and become caught up with the form. […]

By Grace Alone

[Jimmy Chakanyuka came to spend a year with us. From Zimbabwe, Jimmy joined our discipleship programme, Doulos, and reflects on his year] Hosanna Lord come to save us. Looking back at the past ten months I can see how God had perfectly planned everything so precisely for me to see how big he is. He […]

You can’t see the join!

There’s a tiny village of 2,000 people in deepest Sierra Leone that is seamlessly joined to a community in Dagenham. Of which I am a part. And that excites me beyond words – there is a bond that unites us even though some of us will never meet. Here’s a little glimpse of what it […]

Building Belonging During Lockdown

If you’d asked me for a list of phrases associated with ‘Lockdown’, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have included, “The best birthday I can remember”! This was the feedback from one of our Community Hub members whose birthday in the middle of the UK lockdown. [The Community Hub is an initiative of Community Resources and […]

Why does our shopping cost less during lockdown?

When Lockdown began I started doing the weekly shop. Normally Hannah would do this. The first week I noticed I was spending less than Hannah normally would, I put this down to the fact that we had reserves in the freezer. The next week the same things happened again and the week after. I wondered […]

Mental Health: If not us, who?

One of the bravest things I’ve witnessed inside a church is when my friend spoke up at a prayer meeting. “I’d like us to pray for people with mental health issues. And I include myself in that number.” It wasn’t easy to do, but in those few words she seemed to open a door for […]

Welcoming Venues

Let’s face it, a lot of historic church buildings are old and in need of some attention. There isn’t much warmth, colour or comfort available, and yet we want to ensure a warm welcome for everyone to our venues, especially on a Sunday. Churches that have taken over industrial units, former office blocks, or hire […]

Engaging with Public Agencies

In Stoke-on-Trent, a Civic Prayer Breakfast is held each year in the impressive Kings Hall with over 300 people attending. For a prayer event, I was interested to observe that the Christians were possibly outnumbered! Who are the other attendees of this Prayer Breakfast? The police, health authorities, councillors, teachers and many others whose work […]