A war? Is this the scariest thing?

Yes, a war looks scary: people are dying, cities are being wiped off the face of the earth, shells are exploding, families are breaking up, grief, sadness, hatred are all around ….  but war is not the worst thing, it only wants to be so, that this fear paralyzes us and turns us away from the truth. I think that for a person dying of cancer, the war is definitely not the worst thing, or for a person living in depression and thinking about suicide.

War is just one of the varieties of evil deeds of the enemy against people. Throughout life, we all face our own wars: illness, lack of money, problems… There is nothing more terrible or less terrible (they say my war is more important than yours). Any war is evil aimed at destroying you.

God said that no matter what sin a person commits, he still commits sin. Whether you killed a person or stole someone, you have sinned and must be punished. So is a war. Whether an enemy comes to you: with illness or poverty or problems at work or relationship problems or military soldiers… All this is a war of evil against you.

Аlmost everyone has their own war. The purpose of any war (the work of the enemy) is to steal, kill and destroy, to take us away from God’s plan, to shift our focus from God to war.

But God says, for example in 2 Timothy 4:18, that he will rescue me from every evil attack and will bring me safely to his heavenly kingdom. He does not speak only about some specific problems, he speaks with any attacks of the enemy. He will not leave us, will give strength, bless, protect, strengthen, turn it for good, be with us, give a solution, show a way out, remove our enemies, give victory…

Don’t get hung up on the scale of your war. God does not care about the scale of your war. Focus on God. It is important for him to win for you in any war.

God is far above any war. He is above all the wars combined for the entire existence of the earth. Wars in life change, end, replace each other, new ones begin. But God is constant and His salvation is constant and unchanging in all cases.

Any war puts a choice before us: you follow the requirements of this war or you follow the requirements of God. This is a very important point, because succumbing to the demands of а war, it will not let you go until it completely destroys you. And by choosing the requirements of God, we will have victory in any case.

Wars change, become less or more sophisticated, insidious, vile, but the solution and salvation from all wars (regardless of their scale) is the only possible one – our faithful God!

When there is war around you, do not be afraid of it – look at the sky and in the chaos of your war you will see the sky open above you and many angels of God rejoicing for you and Jesus Christ, who loved you so much that he gave his life for you and now sits on the right hand from the Heavenly Father. And you will see how insignificant, ridiculous, stupid, pitiful, senseless and not terrible all the wars of this world are in comparison with the glory of God. How insignificant is the enemy with his wars in comparison with Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Peace to you from the One God Father, Son, Holy Spirit!

writing from the Ukraine