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A war? Is this the scariest thing?

Yes, a war looks scary: people are dying, cities are being wiped off the face of the earth, shells are exploding, families are breaking up, grief, sadness, hatred are all around …. but war is not the worst thing, it only wants to be so, that this fear paralyzes us and turns us away from […]

Andrew – what being part of Church means to me

Andrew grew up in LifeLine Church, and lives in Seven Kings with his parents and sister. He has an autistic condition and is on the higher functioning end of the spectrum. He also has an encyclopaedic knowledge of London Transport – if you ever need to know how to get somewhere, he’s the man to […]

Hold onto God’s word; let it take root

Almost a year ago, during Kim Blyth’s testimony, God told me that He wanted to be a part of my work. Then I had a difficult time at work (many clients reduced their budgets or projects because of COVID). This took me by surprise because of what God had said to me previously. It felt […]

The start of a journey – Darren

A few months ago, I heard about the Tim Mackie podcast series ‘Exploring My Strange Bible’ and felt a nudge to start listening. As I worked through each episode, I started to realise that the Bible is a bit like a lift-the-flap book – you can take the words and stories at face value, or […]

Dave & Tracy

A New Revelation – Anthony

This week, a paramedic crewing the ambulance with me asked me about my church. I told her how this community has supported me and my family for many years – how we have good friends, and strong links that have seen us through good times and bad. I went on to reflect about our values […]

Meeting God at the weekend away – Trevor

Before the weekend away, I felt like I was pretty distant from people, and didn’t bother me as much as it should have, which was a bad thing because I was missing out on fellowship and opportunities and stuff. So later on I think it was Martim that texted me, “Are you coming to the […]

After 16 years in the wilderness – Gary Easter

I’ve spent the last 16 years in the wilderness because I was afraid of what God had in store for me. In 2005 I did Doulos with 14 others. I didn’t know what to expect, but I got a download from God that scared me at first – and I certainly didn’t know why I […]

One touch from the King changes everyday life – Elspeth

We were a bunch of leaders, praying together over the summer. We were seeking God for ourselves, recognising that God’s word to the church about a fresh touch from Him, started with us coming before Him ourselves. I was listening to others, hearing their heart cry and admiring their vulnerability. I was pondering what a […]