What is a real Christian?

We are proud to be followers of Jesus and pursue relationships rather than religion. There is a lot of misunderstanding of what gets labelled as ‘Christian’ these days.

But it is possible to know Jesus personally, to experience his power to change through the Holy Spirit, and to find a place of peace and belonging.

We all want to be faultless. But if we can’t be faultless, we want to be make up for our own shortcomings. This way we will never beholden to anyone other than ourselves, we will never be in anyone else’s debt.

But the Bible makes it painfully clear… we are at fault and, whether we like it or not, this means we are imprisoned and due punishment. But we don’t have the ‘cash’ to pay our own ransom – we need to be rescued.

Driven by pure love for us, Jesus paid our ransom at the cost of his life. A Christian is someone who has accepted they are completely dependent on Jesus for paying the ransom; there is nothing they can add to Jesus’ sacrifice.

Christianity is therefore not about earning God’s favour through rituals or self-improvement, but celebrating and accepting that His favour fell on us when we were in our worst state. We can now relate to God as a friend and be empowered by Him to live a life that pleases Him. We become co-workers with God as He restores creation according to His original intention.

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