Speaker: Ella Brewer

‘Reproducing after our own kind’ has always been a mantra within LifeLine. So has ‘investing in the next generation’. If we believe that what we are doing is really important, and is the work of God, it is bigger than any one of us and therefore needs to continue beyond us.
Over the years of our senior leader, John Singleton’s ministry, he has sought to share his experience of who God is through teaching and modelling. Under his leadership LifeLine has put a large emphasis on ‘being doers and not just hearers’ of the word. This has meant we have put a priority to find practical ways to live out what we have seen of God.
Here at LifeLine Church we have often used the phrase ‘catching sight of God’, by which we mean a revelation or experience of God which is more than mere head knowledge. Such an experience inspires a total response. We delight in Him…