Sunday Teachings

Missed a Sunday? Or listening from afar? Catch up here. Our Sunday teaching sometimes follows a theme, a book or explores the ‘now’ word of God to us as a community. Feel free to explore and use our online library of resources at

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Looking for something specific?

Do we trust what God has said to us, or do we get swayed by the enemy’s original question that swayed Eve in Genesis?
Kings Series, Episode 4, 1 Kings ch 4 – the wisdom chapter
How do the lessons we learn from 1 Kings ch 2 apply to us today?
Zacchaeus was a character in the bible, so motivated to hear and see Jesus that he climbed up into a tree. Why? What was driving him?
Jamie explores the themes that start to arise in the books of Kings
A whistle stop tour of the significant events leading up to the biblical books of Kings
Hugh Osgood challenges the Church to be salty, as Jesus commanded
Martin Smith talks about some lessons from Paul’s 1st letter to the Corinthians