Author: Anthony McKernan

Why I’m getting baptised – Rafa’s story

A New Revelation – Anthony

This week, a paramedic crewing the ambulance with me asked me about my church. I told her how this community has supported me and my family for many years – how we have good friends, and strong links that have seen us through good times and bad. I went on to reflect about our values […]

Welcoming Venues

Let’s face it, a lot of historic church buildings are old and in need of some attention. There isn’t much warmth, colour or comfort available, and yet we want to ensure a warm welcome for everyone to our venues, especially on a Sunday. Churches that have taken over industrial units, former office blocks, or hire […]

Engaging with Public Agencies

In Stoke-on-Trent, a Civic Prayer Breakfast is held each year in the impressive Kings Hall with over 300 people attending. For a prayer event, I was interested to observe that the Christians were possibly outnumbered! Who are the other attendees of this Prayer Breakfast? The police, health authorities, councillors, teachers and many others whose work […]

What Do Your Neighbours Think of You?

…or think of your church to be more precise? Do they think of a building? A problem (noise? parking!)  Or do they think of a group of faithful friends? How would you like your neighbourhood to think of your church community? Here in Dagenham and Redbridge the neighbourhood tends to know us as the LifeLine […]

Heart Joining

If someone wants to join your church, do you ever say ’No?’ Let’s say they live locally, love Jesus, desire the Holy Spirit and are ready to serve. Would you ever say ’No’? We are currently running our Foundation Course which enables new people to review the basis of faith in Jesus and also the […]

Eating Together

The reason I joined this church is because I got a free Sunday lunch each week. All visiting students were offered the opportunity to eat and spend Sunday afternoon with a church family. With this matching up of host families with students, it didn’t take long to feel like we belonged. Today, it’s normal for […]

Kim hears God & experiences healing

After three days of being unable to breathe well, I asked for prayer, and God healed me. I have only recently recovered from a viral infection, but got a second, bacterial chest infection on the back of it as my immune system was so low. For two or three nights I had barely slept at […]